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Functional Performance Screening for Athletes

Unlocking the Athletic Body’s Potential

Why Physically Screen Athletes?

We physically screen our top athletes to:

… assess their potential athletic talent,

… establish baselines for improvement and to

… identify and isolate any physical deficits or flaws which may hamper athletic improvement.


We use a gross Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to quickly assess the athlete’s foundational

balance, joint stability and proper athletic movement pattern sequencing (called “kinetic chain” efficiency)

The FMSs have been shown to be much better at identifying physical deficits than the usual isolated Musculoskeletal Examination


How do we Screen an Athlete?

(1)… First, we conduct a Functional Movement Screen to help us to Identify and Isolate the quality of the athlete’s   basic movement abilities (called biomechanical analysis).

This allows us to locate any faulty joint stability issues (called “cracks”) in the foundation of movement or any altered joint mobility patterns (called “weak links”) in the kinetic chains of movements.


(2)…Next, we test the athlete’s maximum Athletic Ability & Function.

The athletes are tested and measured specifically in the areas of:
speed,   agility,   strength,   power & explosive capacity,   muscular endurance, and   cardiovascular endurance.

The athlete’s performance data is recorded and compared to the normative data collected from other athletes. This helps us to discover where the athlete’s performance ranks relative to other athletes.


(3)…Thirdly, we correlate and compare the Athletic Ability Function Test results with the qualitative data collected from the Functional Movement Screen.

Why? Often we discover WHY an athlete has difficulty with a specific athletic movement and WHAT is causing the problem. It may be because of a previous injury or developmental problem that occurred early in their athletic history.

If we discover and Identify these “weak links” or “cracks” then we further Isolate the problem areas by performing detailed Selective Physical Body Screens.


(4)…Finally, we design a comprehensive, customized Strength & Conditioning Program aimed at attacking these “weak links” or “cracks” using various Corrective Strategies aimed at abolishing and eliminating the athlete’s physical limitations to athletic excellence.

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