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Concierge Physical Therapy & Wellness Services

Our program is designed for those seeking “year-round” care that mixes physical therapy and wellness services.

This program is especially useful for someone who wishes to avoid using their insurance for physical therapy because of a high deductible.

This is also a great program for those without insurance who need a flexible payment plan while attending physical therapy.

This Service Will Benefit the Following Clients:

  • Clients who want to maintain the results they’ve achieved in physical therapy and want to continue to “get better and stay better” even after their initial course of physical therapy is complete.  This premiere service allows you to have access to care when & how you want it.
  • Clients without insurance can join & decrease costs of treatment over one year.
  • Clients with high insurance deductibles can use this plan and apply it toward the deductible.
  • Clients that need a sports performance program to return to a sport after an injury or surgery and need an “advanced recovery” program to get back to their sport quicker–like a pro athlete.
  • Clients that routinely train with a personal fitness trainer and have massage therapy on a regular basis will enjoy the cost savings with this program because they get both services with one licensed physical therapist instead.
  • Clients who want to improve their sports performance ability, their overall wellness, their physical fitness, their posture, or lose weight. You may be able to reach all your personal goals when working with a sports medicine physical therapist.

Concierge Membership includes:

  • Initial Evaluation & assessment includes: a customized initial musculoskeletal examination and an exercise testing session to determine your fitness baseline.
  • You receive 24 PT Sessions for 1 year or
  • 12 sessions for 6 months which may be scheduled as often as you wish. Whatever works for your schedule.
  • One on one sessions with your physical therapist for 60 minutes.
  • A personalized comprehensive exercise program you can complete at home or gym.

$2200 for (24 PT sessions in one year) 
$1200 for (12 PT sessions in 6 months) 
Billed automatically each month.

Please note: these fees cost less than a monthly insurance premium.

** Plans are individualized based on therapy needs at time of signing up.

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